PC Ted goes to the dogs!

Ted & Kato
Ted 'So you sleep in the back of here' KATO ' Yeah.....it isn't too bad' Ted 'Bagsy the top bunk !' KATO :(

Today Inspector Ted has been on secondment to the Dog Unit. Here are some cracking pics of him with PC Sue Smith and her partner in(tackling!) crime ‘KATO.’

Ted will have some great stories to tell when he gets back to his owner!

We live in hope………..🙂 you can follow the Lancs Police Dogs on Twitter on @LancsPolDogUnit


Ted & Kato

Ted ‘So you sleep in the back of here’
KATO ‘ Yeah…..it isn’t too bad’
Ted ‘Bagsy the top bunk !’


Ted & Kato

KATO ‘You are going to have to start pulling your weight Ted, just because your the boss !’
Ted ‘Give me a break KATO, I am new after all.’
KATO ‘I have been carrying you all shift!’


Ted & Kato

KATO ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘B’
Ted ‘Burglar!’
KATO ‘Bloomin’ ‘eck you are good at this game’



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