Taking Vaping Seriously In Today’s Society

I feel I have a sense of humour. I believe the majority of vapers have humour. I understand satire. I went to the Second City, the centre of all satire, and I enjoyed it. I admit that when I read ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Vaping’ in The New Yorker I was slightly upset. Granted, there were several items in the article that were funny and this is because it was relatable for me. As a whole, however, I felt like one of my favourite sources of satire was attempting to milk an overrated joke appearing several years too late.

The piece begins by playing on the same old tropes we have all heard before, such as vaping being a vice, vaping being an embarrassing pastime, and vaping only being completed by tattooed people named Pegasys – the store manager described in The New Yorker article. It does a great deal to support these satirical aspects and pound the joke obnoxiously. It also does a great deal to bring up the point that vapers have been dealing with these issues for a while and managing a major issue that people do not take vapers seriously. For example, I once attended a job interview at a corporate setting and when I told them I write for a vaping store they laughed – multiple times.

In all honesty, I reread the piece from The New Yorker numerous times to ensure I was not missing anything that may suggest it was taking another witter approach secretly promoting vaping. No, it was not. It merely lists twelve steps for vapers who have begun vaping and does not coincide when the seemingly subtle technique of listing steps. Needless to say, they began the article by referring to vaping as a type of vice.

I won’t take you through the entire article, but here are highlights of the piece that were the most irksome to me.

1. Vaping Is An Unregulated Market Taking Advantage Of Their Consumers

The approach The New Yorker takes regarding the vaping market is that a purchase of an e-cigarette at the local vape shop should be viewed as an overly costly and unnecessary buy. This implies that vapers are being used or taken advantage of by the vaping market, which is a slap in the face to any vape store owners working tirelessly to help customers build the most suitable vapes for their needs. In fact, some of these store owners will stay open past traditional closing hours to help a new customer or throw in additional items for the sake of the consumer – back when this was permitted of course.

2. The Use Of “Nicotine Goo”

Using the terms out of context, it may be humorous to refer to e-liquid as a type of “nicotine goo”. However, when an official article continues to use the term as a means of exaggerating the cost of an e-liquid or vape pods with the pod taste – it is not all that amusing.

3. The Embarrassment Of Vaping And Questioning How You Reached That Point

Yes, okay, we get it – people do not take vaping seriously. When interviewing vapers in previous years, I questioned why they assumed many smokers did not switch to vaping despite the benefits. The common response involved misinformation regarding the vape products, but there were also responses pointing out that they would feel ridiculous.

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