Genealogy meets science

Living DNA
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Mrs Silver Surfer and I have been tracing her family tree for some years and have found some fascinating facts about her families past (and unearthed a few skeletons in the closet along the way!) We’ve searched various websites and paid for memberships on the major family tree seach sites. While searching google for some ideas on what to do next to expand our searches we stumbled upon a fascinating service offered by Living DNA.

The service offered by Living DNA uses a dna sample provided by you to research your history as you’ve never been able to do before.

The data extracted lets you examine your recent ancestry from both sides of your family broken down over up to 80 worldwide regions, even showing migration and family movements during various times in history.

The kit arrived in a couple of days and consists of a sealed container with a swab for collecting a dna sample together with a prepaid envelope for returning the sample for analysis.

Living DNA

In The Box

We’ve sent the completed sample back for analysis and are now waiting for the results, I’ll post an update in a few weeks with highlights of our discoveries!

If you are interested in your own family history and don’t know where to start have a look at – it’s a great place to start as they offer 100% free searches and results!

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