Needed storage for the shed!

Storalex Shelving Unit
Storalex Shelving Unit

I decided I needed to de-clutter my shed in preparation of the arrival of Spring. I had a quick browse on the usual suspects eBay, Amazon etc. but eventually settled on a product called Storalex sold by a website called Tufferman.

I choose the 3 x Storalex Bays – 1800h x 900w x 450d option – which gives 15 shelves over 3 bays with each shelf able to hold 265 kilos! (or if you don’t want to go so high you can build it as 15 shelves over 6 bays).


Storalex Shelving Unit

Storalex Shelving Unit

Placed my order and a couple of days later delivery van arrived and dropped off 2 (Very heavy boxes).

The shelves are self assembly and are boltless and clip together with aid of a few taps from a mallet which was supplied in the boxes.

Whats in the box?

Whats in the box?

Instructions were reasonably easy to follow and once you got the gist of how each part went together the finished shelves were up in next to no time!


Storalex - half way built

Storalex – half way built


The shelves are made of wood and the uprights and supports made of steel and once everything is put together they prove to be very sturdy and will provide years of safe and secure storage, and help keep the floor of my shed clear!


Storalex - one unit assembled

Storalex – one unit assembled

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