My early Christmas present the BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp :)

During the day I often find myself spending quite a bit of time sitting at a desktop computer and for years have struggled with desktop lighting causing glare onto the monitor. This can be frustrating when you are trying to work and need to be able to see both what’s on your desk and be able to see your monitor clearly!

The bulb blew in our rather aged halogen desk lamp so I thought well it’s nearly Christmas so let’s treat myself to an early gift and finally get a decent lighting setup 🙂

I had a good old browse using everyone’s best friend Mr. Google and finally settled on what seems to be the best on the market and ordered myself a very stylish BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp from Amazon, see below for discount offer!

BenQ E-Reader LED Lamp

BenQ E-Reader LED Lamp

The lamp arrived next day and as I am impatient by nature I couldn’t wait for Santa so set about opening the box and setting up my new lamp.

The BenQ lamp really does look like a piece of modern art with a design similar to a retro anglepoise lamp brought into the present with a futuristic curved led bulb. In use it is fantastic, flooding the desktop with comfortable light whilst leaving the monitor easy to see without glare. The lamp made working at the PC very comfortable and definitely reduced eyestrain and increased my productivity.

At the back of the lamp is a ring which works as a touch control for switching the lamp on and off, and on top of the unit is a dial which lets you to set the brightness or colour temperature mode and then you simply dial in the level making the lamp very adjustable indeed to suit your need, time of day, ambient lighting etc.

BenQ E-Reader LED Lamp

BenQ E-Reader LED Lamp


The overall size and weight of the lamp itself is pretty large at 65x22x90 cm and weighs in at a hefty 4.7kg. Most of the weight of the lamp is in its base, which makes the whole unit feel very secure, once in position it’s not going to be accidentally push out of place on your desktop.

I also tried the lamp with my kindle e-reader and found it worked very well as my kindle isn’t backlit and it gave a very easy on the eye illumination and didn’t reflect off the kindle screen at all.


BenQ E-Reader LED Lamp

BenQ E-Reader LED Lamp

I emailed BenQ to tell them how impressed I was with their lamp and they kindly sent me a 10% discount offer to pass on to friends, family and readers, simply follow the link here select “BenQ Webstore” as the seller to use this discount with coupon code: BENQ10EF. Promotion codes are applied for all colour units and are valid until the end of March 2018.

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