Getting Organised and Taking Notice

Although Mrs Silver Surfer and I set out a year ago to move house and have a much quieter life, it hasn’t really worked out like this. I know, all the best laid plans get changed and that is most definitely the case for us!

That’s not to say we would change things, life has a way of being a real mixed bag and you just have to get up and get on with things in the best way you can, which is what we do!

Living a Busy Life

If you follow us on Instagram (and if you don’t, you should us) you’ll see that we’re now proud grand-parents to Dorothy Joan. She lives near us with her mum, but our other daughter is based in the Midlands and our son lives in the North West.  This means that keeping track of everyone as well as managing our own lives is pretty hectic, so we have to get organised.

Getting Organised and Taking Notice

We recently discovered TeacherBoards, which have been great for getting a big more organised. One of these in the kitchen (or wherever works for you) where you can pin on appointment letters, train tickets, shopping lists etc is great. The notice board looks great, gets you organised and can be seen all the time, so finding what you need on it is easy enough!

We personally chose a nice colourful notice board as we wanted something stylish and fun, but what I loved about the range of notice boards that they had is that there is something for everyone.

Would you have a noticeboard in your home? What style would you go for?

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