Discovering Online Bingo

bingo cards
bingo cards

Since moving to this part of the country, Mrs Silver Surfer and I have tried to get out and about trying new things and meeting new people. A few weeks ago when our daughter was visiting Jackie went on her first ever evening to bingo and had a great time!

Mrs SS really got into the bingo bug and now goes to a regular bingo evenings with some new friends of ours. However, sometimes it’s too cold and wet to go outside so we have turned to online bingo.

We have made really good use of the Boomtown Bingo website – which compares lots of different bingo websites. To be honest with you, we have signed up to a couple of them and made use of the Welcome Bonus a few of them offer. It is a bit cheeky, but I do love a freebie 😉

What I love about the website is that they have loads of different websites, so you can have a read through and find an offer that suits you. As bingo websites are often changing their special offers and offering new things so it’s nice to have one central place that I can check if I want to see if there is another new bingo website worth checking out.

With winter coming, I can definitely see us spending some evenings in having a cheeky flutter on the odd bingo game. The thrill of possibly winning is really fun and if you don’t win, you haven’t lost too much either. We set ourselves a weekly limit to make sure that we are not gambling away more than we could afford to lose, should we happen not to win.

Do you play any online games? We’d love some recommendations!

bingo cards

bingo cards

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